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Wholesales TSJ-MBJ200 RCIED Bomb Jammer 600W Output Power QnluuYJxoY_YcnzsGv 50% discount.

Mobile Phone and Wifi Jammer Best Manufacture with Professional Drone Blocker,Best Way for Anti Tracking,Government VIP Protection and Educational Facilities Jammer for Sale
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Product Description

Currently our most popular IED jammer , the TSJ-MBJ200 is a completely redesigned and upgraded version of our TSJ-MBJ102 featuring advanced DDS technology.

The TSJ-MBJ200 multi-band bomb jammer can be constructed to jam up to six frequency bands, and the overall RF output power is up to a very powerful 600 Watts.

A “Smart active” cooling system enables unlimited, continuous use. The system also features a fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas.

The MBJ200 is designed for incredibly simple ease of use . Simply attach selected antennas and operate from external UPS batteries, or plug into either AC mains or DC power source and start to operate.

Included software allows rapid field adjustment of each module's frequency and power output.

We offer a 2 year warranty on this bomb and IED defeating unit.

This highly advanced model includes the following features:

  • High-power portable multi-band jammer.
  • Upgraded jamming signal source (DDS technology) to provide utmost efficiency.
  • Field programmability for rapid adjustment to frequency and output power.
  • Fully modular compact design bomb jammer with extremely high efficient cooling system provide system stability even in extreme climate conditions.  The modular design also facilitates easy maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
  • Jam up to six different jamming modules simultaneously, covering up to 20 different frequency bands.
  • Each module features an LCD display to show its working frequency , output power, etc.
  • Increased total RF output power up to 600 Watts.
  • Equipped with a wired remote control unit. The operator can ON/OFF each module through the wired remote control.
  • Fully portable trolley-type case for easy transportation and rapid deployment.
  • Supplied by AC mains or DC power source.
  • Backup battery system and generator system are optional.
  • The jamming system has an active smart cooling system in a continuous working cycle.
  • Client specific customization available to create the most suitable individual solution.

Please enquire for pricing and sales literature.

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